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Fat Loss Mastery
What you get:
What's included in the system?

All of your live syncing diet/training tracking tools

All of your data is live-synced and monitored by one of our coaches

Weekly video calls

Q&A and guidance in weekly calls

Group accountability

A supportive environment

Technique analysis

Video exercise technique analysis

Weekly video modules

Weekly videos with extras, downloads and recipes


Additional downloads, extras, training blocks, spreadsheets and recipes
Client transformations

Propane Editor Jonny lost 20kg and dropped to 6.5% bodyfat

Propane coach Yusef dropped 15kg while gaining significant amounts of strength

Whenever I feel I need objectivity with my training or diet the guys at propane fitness are the first people I turn to. Jonny and Yusef are both very intelligent guys who are always a pleasure to work with, I can’t recommend them enough.” – James McIlroy – Subscribe to his excellent blog

Farbod’s 10 week road to sexiness

Joe gained strength while losing fat in 4 weeks

Yusef’s back progress

We prepared Chris W for his photo shoot – this is the final product.

Stevie gained muscle and strength while getting leaner over 5 months

Either James has a sexy twin brother, or he got Propaned

Nims – 83kg to 57kg, while getting hella strong

2 months progress with Propane coaching

Andy pursued mass gain, then fat-loss to reveal his progress

Editor Ben’s progress in 6 weeks

Not bad for an old geezer – Ariel gained strength while getting leaner

Juanita transformed herself while getting stronger

Adam made weight for his fight in 8 weeks while looking like a total boss

Salman is a ‘Transform’ client, gaining serious amounts of mass and strength in 4 weeks.

Ahmed dropped 20kg while getting stronger.

Katarina made small adjustments to her diet for big changes in physique

Trenton lost fat while improving his relative strength

Ian lost 15kg: Photos taken 7 months apart

Blaine gained some serious size and strength while keeping bodyfat low

Client Adam gained mass in 12 weeks while getting leaner

Alex M: 14 week transformation while retaining strength

Kayleigh got stronger and sexier to prepare for her year of travel

Film-maker Dave shaped up in 4 weeks

Stu’s progress using the tracker for 10 weeks

James used the tracker for 6 months

Ed’s weight loss and strength gains over 18 months

Jason made steady progress over a year of consultation, adding 24lbs of mass and retaining his leanness

Premium coaching client Matt, progress over 10 months

16 week transformation

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